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Support Ukrainian dancers

Please help our children to find a place this summer and live fully!

Since Feb.24 (starting a war in Ukraine) YAGP и YGP Ukraine team managed to help up to 100 Ukrainian ballet kids to find a new home and new choreography schools in Europe and the USA.

But now, after the end of the academic year a 40 students (this number increasing every day)  will have no place to live and study. Schools and dormitories are being closed for the summer break. Children have no chance to return home –some of their houses were ruined, the war is still going on in a number of Ukrainian cities and towns.

Our team has found a solution : directors of some summer ballet camps are ready to help our kids and teach them for free. But the accommodation needs to be paid for. It’s 650 euro per 2 weeks for one dancer.

Please help our children to find their place this summer and live fully!

Even a Euro matter. Let’s help together. THANK YOU

Collected amount   

1112€ / 26000 €

reporting upon request

“Our lifes became about survival in the times of war. We set up a safe place in the well (it’s about three meters in depth). I hid there when I heard the sounds of sirens or fighters jets” Kate Goryaeva.

“The war came to our city at 5 a.m. Some left home immediately but we couldn’t make that decision so quickly. We hoped that it was a bad dream…Explosions, sirens,fire attacks, subway, the rule oftwo walls, crosswise tape on the windows, news, tears, hopelessness, courage, shelter, curwfew, sires, explosions again and again. So a week has passed.And aerial bombardment began…… So we grabbed our go-bag with clothing for classes and point shoes…got in our cars and left Ukraine.” Anna Liutova and Alisiis Spasonova

“We could not believe that nowadays the war could be our reality…again. Dejavu…In 2014 our family field from the war in Donbass…The decision this time was taken very quickly – children should not see the horrors of war, and in half an hour we were driving from Kyiv to safer place”
Mother of Maria ans Sofia Kovalova

I am from Kharkov… We woke up from shots, explosions and the shaking windows of our house. We did not know what to do or where to run. We took our dog, some stuff and decided to go to the subway, but when we decided to go to the shelter not far from our house. We stayed there for a week and a half without heating and light (just were using portable lamp and flashlights). The connection was bad. And soon when russian aviation began to destroy our area my parents decided to sent me to Lviv” Anastasia Malinovska

“Many people were evacuated and the train was overcrowded. 22 hours straight my mother and I were standing. It was realy hard….. we reached Bazel after 4 long days” Nikita Malaki

” … a rocket flew over our house. My dad saw her disappear behind the roof. Everthing was real but we could not fully believe that the war started in our country” Apolinaria Kulyk

We didn’t have time to get our staff, so I bring only my jacket and my passport. …We could hear bombs, gunshot and emergency sirens on our way out of town. The buildings on my neightborhoom were on fire or completely destroyed. The whole country was in panic and chaos. I saw such things just in horror movies.” Maille Voronetska

Milana Andreeva


reporting upon request

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Meet Oksana…

Oksana is a former dancer  from Ukraine with choreography education who choose to be a professional ballet photographer and capture the best moments of dancers professional and mental growth.   For over 6 years she has been collaborating with different artists, ballet schools,choreogrephy competitions, dance shops, galleries etc. 

Due to the war in Ukraine she is unable to work as photographer. But she is willing to be helpful for her country and help ukrainians to stand druing tragicy time .

With love, Oksana…